5 Warning Signs You Need to Call an Electrician in 2024

Faulty wiring is the most common reason for house fires. To be exact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has estimated this rate to be at 67%. Don’t be one of the statistics. Know when to call an electrician to look over the electrical wiring in your home. Early detection can prevent you from any losses, and we’re not just talking about the monetary kind. We’ve rounded up 5 signs to look out for to help you assess whether it’s time to call in a professional electrician.

1. Your Circuit Breakers are Tripping.

A circuit breaker acts as your first line of defense against any untoward electrical accident. If an outlet gets overloaded, your circuit breaker will leap into action by tripping or cutting off power to the section where that outlet is connected to prevent causing further damage to the wires.If this happens frequently, you are demanding too much power from the circuit. You will need to either redistribute your appliances to different circuit breakers or upgrade your circuit breaker to meet the demand. It might seem simple enough to understand but best to leave the adjustment or upgrade to an expert. Since everything in your home is connected to the circuit breaker, handling it can be dangerous and critical. If the wiring is not done correctly, the circuit breaker might not work properly and you will lose your first line of defense.

2. Lights are Flickering When Using Appliances.

An occasional flickering of lights might not be something to worry about but if it is still consistent after you have eliminated the simple reasons why your lights are flickering, it is time to call in an electrician. Simple reasons can be caused by a busted bulb, faulty switch, or loose connection between the plug and outlet. Any other reasons aside from those mentioned should be handled by a professional as it will require an assessment of your circuit breaker and wiring connections throughout your home. Your electrician might need to redistribute the load or rewire the connections.

3. Your Outlets are Warm if You Touch Them

A warm outlet means that something is happening behind that wall and all the reasons why it can get warm demand the attention of a professional electrician. You may have damaged wiring or too much demand on the circuit. Either way, a rewiring job is best left to a professional. Your electrician will ensure that materials with the correct specifications are used, that is installed properly according to standards, and that it can meet your current electrical demand.

4. You Get Electric Shocks when Plugging Things in

No, you’re not a superhero with electrical powers! On the contrary, the simple reason might be that you are not properly handling electricity. Proper handling of electricity includes making sure your hands are dry, that they are not touching any of the prongs, and making sure the plug is correctly going into the outlet. Anything other than this, you will need an expert to solve the issue because it will require replacement of your outlets/switches with faulty wirings or a checkup on your appliances which is best left to an electrician. 

5. Strange Sounds

Do you hear humming or buzzing near an outlet or switch? If you do, this is a big sign to call in an electrician. Humming or buzzing sounds are caused by faulty wiring, it might be loose, overloaded, or not grounded properly. All these reasons are a fire hazard, so get on the phone now and call Integrated Electrical Solutions at 609-752-6074 or book a same appointment

If these signs are not present in your home, congratulations! ..But if you do encounter any of these, don’t panic! You still have time to rectify the situation and save your home from any fire hazard. Time to call in an electrician and let an expert help you put your mind at ease and your home safe.

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